Bad Waldsee Caravan Club Supporters Pack

Bad Waldsee Caravan Club Supporters Pack

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You are an eriba enthusiast, a lover of retro caravans.

Alfons Hymer, the father of Erwin Hymer, had operated a repair shop in Bad Waldsee since 1923. In 1956, Erich Bachem made the first caravan to a customer order, and in 1957 designer Erwin Hymer created the prototype "Eriba" range, the original Trolls.

We are all members of the Bad Waldsee Caravan Club.

A club for everyone and an online register that stays with the caravan through the rest of its life. A detailed and heartwarming history of your caravan that will live forever.

Your one time membership fee includes:
Online Registration + Access to the Eriba Owners Directory social network
Numbered Medallion Certificate of Club Registration
Set of Stickers & Pin Badges
PVC retro logo keychain

I think it's important to preserve this kind of information as classic Eribas become more rare and ownership changes.. With your support we can make sure the site remains free for everybody no matter where they come from, and we can preserve the history and timeline of each registered Eriba.